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Its’ your choice, when choosing a………….. “Exterminator”


When choosing make sure it’s done right and most importantly the company you hire has the right equipment. Our equipment is NOT electric.  Electric simple does not work. It’s like bringing a marching band to a “library”. The heat builds up to slowly and its alerts the bedbugs that it is getting hot and gives them a change to head for cooler ground.


Now our equipment is the hottest and fastest rising in the industry PERIOD! The bedbugs, roaches, ants, spiders and every other pest do not stand a chance. Not only will this kill all bugs in your home it will also purify it of all viruses and bacteria harmful to humans.


Other heat companies use big propane tanks, not us. Most people are nervous using a gas grill let alone a big propane tank blowing fire into their house through a big tube. In fact many insurance companies will not insure companies using them, and many Hotels will not allow them on the properties. DOFFDON’s equipment heats the house from within, and our fans circulate the air. It is the safest and most effective on the market.

Meet the Team at DOFFDON


Dr. Ray Thompson, Ph.D. Entomologist, and Licensed Certified Applicator for DOFFDON.

Dr. Thompson has been in the pest management industry for over 36 years and is a Texas Certified Applicator of Pest Control, Termite Control, Structural and Commodity Fumigation, and Lawn & Ornamental Weed Control. He is also an approved provider by the Structural Pest Control Service (TDA SPCS) for the Continuing Education Units required for other Certified Applicators. He is also an approved provider of the Technician Training Course required by the SPCS before the Technician-Apprentice is allowed to test for the Technician License. Dr. Thompson is also a Licensed Sanitarian by the state of Texas Department of State Health Services (TSHS) and is a Certified Quality Control Sanitarian with the American Institute of Baking International.


Early on, Dr. Thompson completed a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Physical Education from the Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico in 1966. He received a Master of Science (1972) and Ph.D. (1979) in Entomology from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Dr. Thompson has had 17 years in entomological research and demonstration work with the University of Arkansas, University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and a private biological control company. In addition to these experiences, Dr. Thompson has had 14 years in Urban Entomology, starting as owner/operator of Dr. T's Pest Control Company for a year, as Texas Region Technical Specialist for Terminix International located in San Antonio, Texas for 5 years, and the Technical and Training Director for the Bruce Terminix Company of Dallas for 8 years, which is now a part of Terminix International.


Dr. Thompson has written numerous articles with many being published in peer-refereed journals such as The Journal of Economic Entomology, Coleopterist Society Bulletin, Carabid Beetles, Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service Bulletins, and Texas Agricultural Extension Service Bulletins.


Mrs. Marty Keane, sets on the board with DOFFDON as a highly experienced and motivated pest control educator. She is a State Certified Entomologist, and has 25+ years working in the Pest Control Industry. To her credit, 10+ years were spent as a product broker for numerous chemical and equipment companies, and as such, has spent many hours training pest control technicians for companies like Orkin, Terminix, Western, Rose, etc... She has also been instrumental in the training of pest control technicians employed by the Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Oakland Housing Authorities. Mrs. Keane is a Certified Applicator in Pest Control and Termite Control in Texas and Branch I and Branch II in California. Additionally, she is a Certified Instructor in most of the Western States including Texas as a provider of Continuing Education Courses.


Don Brooks founder and CEO, is an entrepreneur with a back ground in finance. Starting as a Stock Broker in 1988 , working as a registered rep for Bear Stearns in Atlanta Georgia and owning his own “General Broker-Dealer” in Dallas TX. Don Brooks has also started and sold a successful Credit Repair business, along with getting certified in Fire, Smoke and Water Restoration through IIRCR. Don Brooks is also certified in running specialized heating equipment used in exterminating bugs and insects.  Educated at the University of Oklahoma in Norman Okla. Don Brooks also CEO of Empact Consultant in Dallas, Specializing in Marketing.

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