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Have you hear noised in the attic? Finding out that you have squirrels, rats or other un-invited guess can be embarrassing and, or may even present a health hazard to your family.


Even if you don’t currently see, or hear pests in your home, doesn’t mean your home is pest free.  To keep pests out of your home when they’re seeking shelter from the elements starts with prevention.  Food and water are two of the biggest attractors of pests.

Homeowners who have identified signs of a pest infestation in their homes, such as; animal feces, scurrying sounds in the attic at night, etc., should contact DOFFDON “Pest Exclusion”

Do not be fooled into removing all your “attic insulation” because of fecal matter, 95% of the time it’s not necessary.  Contact us today and schedule your free home inspection.



WHY CHOOSE DOFFDON “Pest Exclusion”?

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Eco friendly and humane methods to provide safe and reliable animal removal services for homeowners, businesses and municipalities

Most  animal removal services do not prevent future issues “Exclusion work” (Stopping them from getting in your home/business in the first place) Which usually  requires getting on the roof.

Experts in handling animals of all sizes, with a focus on vertebrate pests such as squirrels, raccoons, bats and a variety of birds


Anytime you are dealing with rats in your attic, they will be nesting and breeding in your insulation and on your drywall. This creates an extremely large mess and leaves urine, feces and bacteria inside of your attic insulation. This DOES NOT mean you have to replace the insulation; we have many products that can neutralize the problem/s.  Fortunately, DOFFDON “Pest Exclusion” specializes in decontaminating attic spaces after roof rat infestations. Let us examine all the affordable ways to handle the problem.


Proper attic decontamination starts with our state-of-the-art fogging treatments The reason for this is because our high-tech fogging system atomizes the disinfectants into tiny molecules, (about 0.4 microns) which allows them to seep down into your attic insulation.

Do not be talked into the sister Insulation Company coming out to save the day. 1 out of 50 jobs need new insulation and those that could not be saved was because of water and urine damage.

Fortunately, we have developed innovative techniques for the live trapping and removal of squirrels to prevent them from hurting themselves or further damaging your home. Our advanced squirrel removal techniques also allow us to use live traps, which allow multiple animals to be captured at once. This way we can keep the mother with her kittens. Once we have the squirrels safely removed, our Squirrel Removal Specialist will seal all entry points on the home, removing their nesting sites and eliminating the pheromones they leave behind.


Spring is the time of year when squirrels aggressively start to enter homes and business. The female squirrels start coming into your attic and begin building nests, having babies, and remaining warm, all while staying out sight from hawks and other predators. If you have squirrels in your attic call us it could save you thousands of dollars’ worth of damage such as, chewed wires and chewed ductwork and water leaks or fire damage. (The land I bought, had a house burn down to the ground because of squirrels crewing on wires)

Not only are we trained to remove the wildlife from your home or business, we are also experts in locating and closing all possible entry points on the outside of your home. Each home that we service comes with a job specific 18 month guarantee. (whether you sell your home or not)




DOFFDON “Pest Exclusion, founded its’ business using environmentally responsible solutions to protect your home and business..


Identify Entry Points and Repair Services

Squirrels, raccoons and larger animals can gain entry through dryer vents, plumbing penetrations, and even open chimneys. Rodents, snakes, and numerous insects can enter your home through holes as small as a quarter. Other wildlife that may find their way into a property includes skunks, armadillos, opossums, rabbits, and moles. Once inside your home they can then find a warm place to breed and their presence can quickly become a problem. After doing a thorough assessment of the property our highly trained service professionals will employ several methods of habitat modification and entry point elimination to ensure complete elimination of the problem.



DOFFDON “Pest Exclusion can and will do;

Animal and/or Pest Identification

Animal trapping and removal service

Animal and pest exclusion and repair services

Recurring inspection and monitoring

 Call us today  469-499-4495


RODENT REMOVAL COST?  Call today for a free estimate 

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