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Often asked questions

What is IICRC?

IICRC stands for Institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration certification. IICRC is a standard – setting body and certification registry that develops and monitors educational programs and standards for inspection, cleaning and disaster restoration industries.


What area or locations does DOFFDON restoration serve?

Preston Trail 75248, Bent Tree 75248, Prestonwood 75252, Galleria Dallas 75240, Preston Hollow 75220, University Park 75205, Highland Park 75209, University of Texas at Dallas 75080, Glen Abbey Dr. 75248, and surrounding areas.


I have water in my home!  What do I do?

This is an emergency situation and time is of the essence!  DOFFDON restoration services can be to your home with in one hour of the initial call to map the moisture with testing equipment, remove all standing water, apply an anti–microbial agent, and begin the dehumidification process. Call DOFFDON restoration services ASAP at 469-499-4495 to avoid microbial growth and secondary damage.


When do I pay my deductible?

The deductible is your responsibility and should always be paid before services begin.


Do I need an estimate before you start the dry-out?

Often the amount of the dry-out is unknown, however we utilize Xactimate software and quarterly updated price lists. Most insurance companies and adjusters write estimates from this software or something very close to it. When an adjuster has been assigned to your claim, we will explain to them what we have done to that point, then get authorization if further steps are needed. Before any repairs are made we will have an agreed estimate with your insurance company or at a minimum an authorization to begin repairs.


How long will my property take to dry?

The time to completely dry a structure depends on many variables such as temperature, humidity, how quickly emergency services begin, amount of saturation and the types of materials affected.  Through consistent monitoring and evaluation of the drying process, we can determine when drying is complete. While there are no rules to determine how long your property will take to dry, we can tell you that on average a typical water loss will dry out in three days but can be longer.


Can I turn off the equipment at night?

No, it is important the equipment stay running. The equipment is strategically placed to encourage optimal drying. Turning off the equipment will only increase our drying time, the threat to microbial growth and secondary damage.


Should I be worried about mold?

This depends on how long the damage had been left unnoticed. If a water loss has been tended to quickly by a restoration professional mold is generally not an issue. With a careful and thorough inspection, in addition to an anti-microbial treatment, mold can be avoided. 


How will I know when my property is dry?

Proper testing with our specialized equipment is the correct way to determine if things are completely dry. Just because something look and feels dry doesn’t mean that it is dry!

Water, Flood Restoration


DOFFDON restoration services technicians and company are certified for water damage.

Our technicians are individually certified and DOFFDON restoration services has taken the extra step to become a “Certified Firm” with IICRC.


DOFFDON restoration services is certified in both Water Damage and also Smoke and Fire Restoration

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