Below is a list of items in the Pre-Checklist



For a successful Bed Bug Heat Treatment our service technicians need your full cooperation.


_________CONDITIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CUSTOMER.  The following are the necessary preparations to be performed by the customer before any heat treatment is to be performed.  If for any reason these procedures are not followed DOFFDON LLC cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or re-infestation of bedbugs.  Failure of the DOFFDON LLC to note any deficiencies to the following preparation list does not waive the responsibility of the customer.

To help complete the checklist, Customer must check mark each box, acknowledging responsibility of duties performed by customer.



_________AIR CONDITIONING, BURGLAR UNITS, and SPRINKLER SYSTEMS (if heat sensitive) The occupants must turn off any and all of these and similar units such as sprinkler systems before treatment is to be performed by DOFFDON.  The customer understands the DOFFDON  insurers will not be held responsible for any property or damages caused by any of these units, systems or similar mechanical items.




________ Aerosol cans (air fresheners, cleaning products, etc.), Candles, Crayons and other wax based products, Flammables, Ammunition/black powder, Alcohol products, lighters, oxygen bottles, or other pressurized objects, pets, plants, loose photos. All prescription medicines.

_________ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDING, BUT NOT  LIMITED TO: Cameras, TVs, IPods and IPads, cell phones and other similar equipment.  Also flashlights, batteries, musical equipment including all stringed instruments, oil painting or other art, heirlooms and items considered irreplaceable. (Electronic equipment such as TV’s and alike should be fine to stay as long as the stand is sturdy)


_________Poorly made plastic Mini-blinds need to be removed and placed in the bathtub/shower. Curtains can stay hanging, along with wooden mini-blinds. (Mini-blinds should be pulled all the way up)

_________Loose papers, newspapers and magazines should be thrown away.

_________All TV's on weak plastic stands must be placed on floor (wall hangings should be fine)

_________Let the air out of all air mattresses.


CLOTHES AND CLUTTER (145 Degree heat will penetrate about 6 inches of loose clothes on the floor in 2 hours, depending on density of material)

_________All clothes in drawers and bedding, except hanging clothes in closets, MUST be taken to a commercial Laundromat, and dried on the highest heat setting for at least 50 minutes. Make sure not to fill the Dryer more than half way, the clothes must tumble. Then put them in new clean trash bags, tied tightly. Clothes may be brought back to residence but must stay in sealed bags until heat treatment is finished.

_________THERE IS TO BE NO CLUTTER!!!! No piles of clutter, no boxes, no  stacks of papers to guarantee service.

_________Throw away all junk and trash in new clean trash bags and throw away in dumpster out of residence.



_________ If you vacuumed up live bed bugs, the vacuum needs to be thrown away.


Procedure to vacate home.

Step 1    Wash and dry on HIGH for 1 hour 2 set of clothes to wear out of residence the day of treatment place them in a trash bag.

Step 2     Take long hot shower leave soap in hair for 10 minutes, then put 1st set of clean clothes on, leaving one set of clothes.

Step 3     Remove yourself out of residents for 9 hours minimum. Taking only DL, and CCards.

Step 4     Leave your car parked in the HOT sun with window rolled up to ensure Bed-bugs are killed in car.  (if not sure opt to have Doffdon HEAT treat it)


Procedures upon returning to home.

Step 1    Turn on A/C

Step 2    Remove the second set of clean clothes from bag. Remove current clothes you’re wearing and place them in the now empty trash bag. Immediately take them to DRYER and put on high for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 3    Take hot shower and put the second set of clothes.



 _________Binding Arbitration-The customer and The Company agree that any controversy or claim between them arising out of or relating to the interpretation, performance or breach of this contract or to the treatment of or rendering of services to the identified property in any way, whether by virtue of contract, tort or otherwise, shall be settled exclusively by arbitration. The arbitrator shall be a licensed legal representative, independent, mutually agreed upon, and to the greatest extent possible, be knowledgeable in pest control and building construction matters by education, experience, licensing and training to deal with the issues and claims presented. The arbitrator shall give effect to any and all waivers, releases, disclaimer, limitations and other terms and conditions of this Contract. Neither party shall sue the other party with respect to any matter in dispute between the parties other than for enforcement of this arbitration provision or of the arbitrator’s decision and a party violating this provision shall pay the other party’s costs, including but not limited to, attorney’s fees, with respect to such suit and the arbitration award shall so provide.




You and pets must not enter the residence for several hours after the technicians finish the heat treatment process. The technicians will give you a sufficient time to return. This will help ensure the effectiveness of the heat treatment process. The longer the heat is contained, the more effective the process will be. After treatment, you may notice clothing, mattresses, blankets, sofa cushions, etc. are not the way you left them. The technicians will need to remove the dust covers from the bottom of all couches and chairs. The technicians must also rotate and remove these items to achieve even heat distribution throughout the entire treatment area and furniture. Due to the nature of the heat treatment process, it produces heat and wind at a high velocity, place fragile items; lamps, statues, flower vases, candle holders on the floor in the corner of the room.

Technicians and attendant staff members have been scheduled to service you for your treatment and a cancellation on such short notice would not allow sufficient time to schedule other appointments or treatments.


_________SECURITY OF PERSONAL PROPERTY OR CONTENTS: For insurance purposes, we request you remove and take with you any valuables you deem necessary, such as jewelry, furs, etc.  We recommend that you remove any valuables, including, but not limited to, cash, jewelry, and personal items, from the (building/residence) prior to the DOFFDON services.  Customer understands that DOFFDON LLC  and its insurers will not be responsible for the theft or disappearance of any personal property or contents from the building/residence during the treatment process.


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Phone: 866-918-4481 - Fax: 888-232-2567

TPCL#: 760966 | RCA#: 562695

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